2T Outboard

Product description

Rapide 2T outboard oil is specifically developed to endure and perform in extreme operating conditions while protecting your boat’s engines from sludge formation, scuffing, seizer, wear and tear. This premium high-performance motor oil is suitable for a range of slow and high-speed two-cycle outboard air and water-cooled engines marine applications operating in diverse temperatures. Expertly formulated with special base oils and additive that ensures extended oil life and internal components protection.



This marine lubrication product is suitable for cylinder lubrication of all types of 2-stroke low-speed diesel engines burning distillates and residual fuel oil from 0.5 – 3.5% sulphur levels. Formulated with the latest generation additive technologies to meet and exceed the requirements of different types and sizes of engines operating in different conditions. Recommended for highly-rated, fuel-efficient, low-speed marine diesel engines operating with higher pressures, higher temperatures, and longer strokes especially to deal with all aspects of oil stress.


 Beneficial Properties

  • All rounded piston ring and liner wear protection
  • Maximum motor cleanliness.
  • Protection against sludge formation, scuffing, seizer, wear and tear.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability to ensure performance in a variety of engine conditions
  • Extended oil life
  • Detergency system provides strong control of piston groove deposits formulated with detergent technology required to deliver excellent performance with low-sulphur fuel which is a critical area for distillate fuel operation
  • Maximized piston overhaul intervals


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