Partners in over 50 Countries across the globe

Rapide synthetic motor and engine oils

Rapides outpaces its competitors by offering the best industrial engine oils and automotive lubricants in UAE and all over the globe. Our range of synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral oil based motor oils, gearbox oils, and transmission fluids are used from lightweight vehicles like motorcycles, scooters, cars to heavy-duty vehicles and trucks.

Our exporting capabilities extend to over 50+ continents worldwide and we also welcome entrepreneurs and forward-thinking organizations to conduct business with us and distribute our products under their unique brand name and product packaging. Rapide is a one-stop organization for all of your lubricant needs.

Rapide Automotive Engine Oil vehicle piston

Automotive Lubricants

Rapide is one of the world’s finest engine oils, motor oils, automotive oils, and lubricants manufacturer and supplier in UAE and across the globe. Check out our full synthetic oil range.

Rapide Industrial Lubricants Gears in Oil

Industrial Lubricants

Rapide industrial engine oils and lubricants are engineered to perfection to provide compact protection and performance. We offer the best fully synthetic industrial hydraulic oils and fluids for every industry.

RapideLube Marine Oil Boat Engine Oil

Marine Oil

Explore our full range of best marine engine oils that are fully synthetic and are designed exclusively for the lubrication, performance, and protection of a wide range of 4-stroke engine boats.


Rapide Raditor Coolant

Radiator Coolant

Rapide offers one of the best engine coolants for cars in UAE and across the globe. Our car coolants prevent engine freezing and offer protection against coolant leakage and component corrosion.

Rapide ball bearing Grease


Our synthetic multi-purpose greases are used for intense and long-lasting lubrication in a variety of areas. Choose our best greases for industrial machinery and engines to ensure proper lubrication and protection.

Rapide Gear Oil, Transmission oil, Brake and Steering Fluid


Our expertly formulated Rapide 3 dot brake fluid ensures smooth functioning and protection of your vehicle's brakes and clutches. While our best gearbox oils for cars facilitate smooth transmissions.

Rapide Lube Product


Partners in over 50 Countries across the globe