Motorcycle Oils Rapide 4-stroke synthetic engine oils for motorbikes

Motorcycle Oils

For those of you motorbike enthusiasts who love to cut through the open air while experiencing life from a bit more closer our products designed specifically for four-stroke engine vehicles can bring your more confidence and joy knowing that your two-wheeler is performing as expected and is well-conditioned. Adopt our mobile engine oils for motorcycles to take your ride’s performance to the next level. 

Efficient engine cleaning 

Our advanced products like Rapid 4T 20W-50 are consciously designed for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine vehicles to promote engine cleanliness. Our advanced additive technologies infused with fully synthetic motor oils offers seamless filtration of small metal particles germinated due to friction and collisions to facilitate the flow and working of engine parts. Hence increasing the performance, maintaining the oil quality, and maintaining the engine health. 

Performance retention 

Most modern motorbikes can speed up to 100 KM per hour faster than you can read this paragraph. Modern four-stroke vehicles are built for performance and also need high-performance delivering oils and lubricants. At Rapide, we understand the importance of the quality of motor oils and lubricants. This is exactly why we have gathered the required resources and expertise from all over the globe and we have come up with the best synthetic oils for motorcycles, cars, scooters, and other ATVs that deliver the aspects of performance, protection, and high costs savings.   


Superior Pistons cleaning 

It goes without saying that the cleaner the internal parts of your vehicle’s engine are, the more performance your vehicle will offer. Our fully synthetic, semi-synthetic engine oils for bike thoroughly lubricate and clean the pistons and cylinders of both 2-stroke and 4-stroke cycle engine vehicles that ultimately enhances the performance and adds to your peace of mind and confidence to go on long adventurous journeys. 

Tear & Wear protection 

Things like tear-out, components fatigue, rust, and wear-out can not only decrease an engine’s performance but can also result in reducing an engine’s life and performance. Reduced engine functionality and performance will ultimately cause it to overheat and become noisy. Rapide is one of the leading motor oils and lubricants suppliers in the UAE and across the globe because we have perfected the science of components cleanliness and integrated our expertise into our lubricants and oils that offer all-rounded protection against rust, wear and tear so you can enjoy your journeys to the fullest extent.

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