Rapide 2T Engine Oil

Product description

Rapide 2T Special JASO FD is a premium quality semi-synthetic motor oil for classic and conventional motorbikes and scooters. It is a high-performance, low smoke, low ash two stroke engine oil made from the latest synthetic additives and premium base oils. It exceeds many manufacturer requirements including API TC, JASO FC & ISO EG-C requirements. No matter the terrain, weather, or riding conditions, enjoy full peace of mind by lubricating your ride with Rapide’s two-stroke semi-synthetic engine oil for motorcycles.


This product is suitable for use in all types of two-stroke engines including motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters that use either a premix or oil injection system. It is suitable for use in two-stroke chainsaws, brush cutters, lawnmowers, and other gardening equipment for domestic and industrial use. It is also suitable for stationary engines and industrial power units. Two-cycle bike oils should not be used in outboard engines


 Beneficial Properties

  • Reliable and consistent performance
  • Self-mixing with leaded and unleaded petrol
  • Low Smoke, Low Ash formulation
  • Extends engine life
  • Good anti-scuff properties
  • Mixes readily with petrol
  • Meets the requirements of leading manufacturers
  • Enhanced lubricity and detergency, keeping engines clean
  • Maximizes spark plug life
  • Reduces exhaust port blockages
  • Keeps piston rings free from deposits
  • Suitable both for all oil-injection and premix systems

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