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Rapide Marine Oil

Rapide offers one of the best marine engine oils that are powerfully built for the lubrication of both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine boats. Rapide offers intense lubrication for boats with different engines running on gasoline, diesel, and petrol. Our boat motor oils range is expertly formulated by industry professionals and is attested by reputed engine manufacturers globally. 

Versatile Engine Protection 

Rapide offers an explicitly enriched Lubmarine product range with anti-oxidants and anti-wear properties that offer robust protection against rust, engine wear, and components fatigue in both slow speed boats with two-stroke engines and high-speed boats with four-stroke engines. With our best 2 stroke outboard motor oil enjoy the benefits like compact engine cleanliness, efficient acid stabilizing, anti-deposit formation, enhanced transmissions, and emissions.

Extended engine life span

Rapid high-speed marine engine oils are designed to help extend engine life and protect components at constantly changing cold and hot temperatures. Our synthetic marine oils are best used for modern boats having 4 cycle high-speed or semi-high speed diesel engines or 2 cycle engine motorboats looking to meet the tier 1, 2, or 3 emission standards for 2-stroke diesel engines. Our advanced formula offers anti-contamination, anti-foaming, and thermal stability properties and thoroughly lubricates all the internal components of the engines to extend their performance and life span. 

Advanced temperature adaptability 

With the use of the latest additive technologies, our talented chemists and industry experts have crafted the perfect infusion of molecular-flexibility with all-rounded engine protection. This unique blend allows our products like Rapide plus 2 stroke outboard oil to endure changing temperatures without losing their needed viscosity and desired protection and performance properties. Our marine diesel oil prevents forming, oil thickening, and contamination while providing protection against corrosion, corrosion, and rust. 

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In-land & Coastal motorboat oils

Explore our range of high-performance synthetic marine engine oils. Our best 2 stroke outboard motor oils are designed with a balanced combination of base oils and the latest generation additive technologies.

Engine oils for Cruise & Ferries 

Our multi-grade powerful 4-stroke outboard oil is designed primarily for cruises, ferries, and other high-speed diesel engines and performance demanding motorboats of similar stature. Explore our full range of boat motor oils now.

Deep-sea marine motorboats oils

Rapid excels in offering best in class heavy-duty fully-synthetic marine oils that offers thermal stability, temperature, and oxidation resistance for deep-sea high-speed diesel engines marine vessels operating on distillate and MDO fuels.

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