Engine Oils For Passenger Vehicles Rapide synthetic engine oils for cars

Engine Oils For Passenger Vehicles

Rapide thrives in offering the best fully synthetic, synthetic, and mineral oil base market-leading lubricants for car engines and gearbox systems. Our premium motor and gear oil for cars serve the automobile industry in 100+ countries worldwide. Our synthesis of the latest additive technologies sets us apart from the rest. Here is how our car engine oils and transmission fluids make us the best automotive oils and lubricants manufacturers and distributors in the UAE and all across the world.

Protection Blended with Performance 

Our products like Rapide synthetic motor oil SAE 10W-30 and premium semi-synthetic car oils like Rapide synthetic SAE 20W-50 are enriched and optimized with performance-enhancing additive technologies. Rapide’s expertly engineered latest additive technological blend offers the perfect blend of performance and protection against engine stress, wear-out, rust, and corrosion. Our modern synthetic car oils are developed under the strict supervision of industry professionals and are stronger and less volatile at the molecular level. You can expect higher performance and better oil-drain interval using our best engine oil for cars. 

Robust temperature tolerance 

Rapide’s lab scientists and industry experts have developed the perfect fusion of oil age resistance and molecular compactness that enables our fully synthetic gear oils and motor oils to cope with both extreme cold and hot conditions. Whether your car’s engine temperature reduces to -10°C degrees due to cold or icy weathers or shoots up to 500°C in extremely hot climates, our engine oil products range having different viscosity levels offer better performance and superior level of protection in both cold and hot kinds of weather. Our advanced formula prevents oil thickening, oil degradation, and evaporation while maintaining the flow of oil in different types of temptations to ensure smooth engine start-ups and sustenance. 

Higher fuel economy

When you choose Rapid engine oils and gear lubes for cars and other automobiles, your fuel and maintenance savings start from the get-go. Our products offer higher performance and protection and are built to last so you can concentrate on your journeys. Rapid’s low-viscosity synthetic oils for cars and fully synthetic gear reducer oils offer higher cost savings and more miles for you to drive on.  

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