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Rapide Greases

Our synthetic multi-purpose greases are used for intense and long-lasting lubrication in a variety of industrial areas. Rapide takes pride in developing, manufacturing, and exporting the best greases for industrial machinery to ensure compact lubrication and protection withstanding intensive operations and extreme temperatures. We offer a diverse range of industrial grease lubricants to meet the needs of different industrial applications. Here is a range of characteristics that you can expect from our different types of greases.

Efficient Pumpability

Many types of industrial machinery such as electrical motors, construction applications, and heavy-duty machines require high-temperature pressurized greases that can be pumped through the nozzles, grease-dispensing systems, or grease applicators. Most conventional greases that are manufactured with highly-viscous base oils usually do not offer the element of efficient pumpability. All of Rapide’s multi-purpose greases are developed with modern additive technologies and offer the element of high pumpability to ensure convenient lubrication.

Extreme water resistance

Environments that may expose a piece of machinery to water can expose it to risks like component damage, rust, sluggish performance, wear and tear. In case water gets penetrated into critical components of machinery, it can result in irreversible damage or may cause performance issues. Rapide machinery greases are extremely water-resistant and do not get washed off when in contact with water, nor our greases lose their desired properties due to water contamination.

Enhanced oxidation stability

Heavy-duty machinery and equipment working in extreme conditions and high temperatures can make the applied grease because dense or in a sludge-like form. While with the passage of time, the chemicals in the grease can react with oxygen and procure lacquer-like deposits and may also lose its required texture and consistency. This phenomenon is known as oxidation. At Rapide, we have perfected the science of grease-stability. Our greases are highly oxidation-stable and do not lose their desired texture and consistency even in peak temperatures like 220°C degrees.

High-vibration resistance

It is only natural for motors and industrial applications to vibrate when they are in motion. High vibrations can cause greases with low shearability to fell off the lubrication required areas. Our greases offer excellent thermal, mechanical, and vibration stability that does not get shaken off due to vibrations of the industrial applications.

Type of Greases

Multi-Purpose Greases

We offer high-quality lithium hydroxy stearate multi-purpose greases that are suitable for a range of applications operating in extreme temperatures.


Calcium-Base Greases

Purposely formulated for the lubrication of vehicle chassis offering properties like water resistance, shear stability, high pumpability, and anti-oxidation.

CalciumSulfonate Complex Greases

Extreme pressure grease specifically engineered to used in commercial or industrial bearings subjected to high pressure and temperature circumstances.


Sodium-Base Greases

Developed preciously to be used in automotive wheel bearings with an enhanced sodium-based formula, allowing more life span and temperature stability.


Lithium-Base Greases

Suitable to be used in high-temperature applications offering excellent water resistance, mechanical and thermal stability with long service life


Gear Compound Heavy Grease

A supreme quality heavy-duty non-solvent grease, suitable for the lubrication of open bearings and gears offering antioxidation and antirust properties.


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