Continuously variable transmissions fluids (CVTF)

Rapide transmission oils for continuously variable transmissions (CVTF) as compared to automatic transmissions oils are designed to have excellent foaming and air release properties to avoid cavitation in the hydraulic pumps of the vehicles. Rapide offers the best CVT gear oils that develop a strong film between the mechanical components of the transmission systems and the chains to ensure excellent lubrication and smooth operation during gear shifting. 

What is the continuously variable transmission (CVT)? 


In simple terms, continuously variable transmission (CVT) is a gearing mechanism used in modern vehicles having automatic transmissions that leverage a belt-and-pulley system to provide endless gear ratios. This belt-and-pulley transmission mechanism requires constant contact of metal components with each other that causes traction and avoids slippage. The lack of friction minimizes the heat and optimizes the performance of the vehicle. 

Fully synthetic advanced formula 

Over the years we have developed a highly efficient and perfectly balanced advanced fully synthetic variable transmission oil formula that is enhanced with the latest anti-shudder and additive technologies that ensure intense lubrication of CVT systems and prolong the performance and life of the critical CVT components.    

Advanced protection 

Our best CVT transmission products like Rapide fully synthetic universal CVT offers next level of protection against components damage, gear stiffness, corrosion, wear and gear tooth damage. Rapide CVT automatic transmission fluids are also designed to perform and last under extreme pressure situations while facilitating smooth gear transmissions.

Extended life span 

Rapide fortifies its CVT fluids for cars with a highly sophisticated and advanced oxidative and shear stability formula that provides excellent seal compatibility to prevent oil leakages. It helps our modern CVT products to provide an extended service life, that means more protection, extended oil-drain ratios and lower maintenance expenses.

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