What is engine oil? 

Engine oil or motor oil is simply an additive or lubricant that is used to put in the engines of vehicles like cars, motorcycles, and trucks. Engine oil increases the performance of the vehicle’s engine, protects its critical components, and adds to the riding comfortability. 

Why changing engine oil is important? 

Not changing your vehicle’s engine oil regularly can result in poor engine performance, engine overheating, internal components damage, and unexpected stalls. Furthermore, you may also observe your vehicle emitting smoke on vehicle startup. You can prevent these performance and engine protection-related issues by changing engine lubricants regularly. This will also help you save repair expenses in case of engine failure or parts damage. 

How often should I change my oil?

Modern lubricants like Rapide engine oils can last longer as compared to conventional motor oils. Modern engine oils can be changed after 5,000 to 7,500 miles. However, it may also depend on your riding behavior. The more your drive and commute in challenging climates and riding conditions, the better is to change your car’s engine oil earlier. Also, have in mind Full-synthetic motor oils for cars can be changed after 15,000 miles.  

What are some different types of engine oils

Mainly there are three types of automotive engine oils used in a variety of automotive applications. 


  • Fully synthetic 
  • Semi-Synthetic
  • Mineral oils 


Out of these different types of motor oils, fully synthetic engine oils can cost more but offer a higher level of engine protection, cleanliness, performance and last longer as compared to other types of motor oils. 


Should I use specific lubricants for gasoline and diesel vehicles?

Many lubricants offer compatibility with both gasoline and diesel vehicles. However, there are lubricants that are specifically formulated to be used in only gasoline engines or diesel engines.

What is the best engine oil for my vehicle? 

Different vehicles and engine types require different types of lubrication or engine oils to function properly. It is recommended to check your manufacturer’s lubricants specifications to find out the right types of lubricants for your vehicle and engine type. You can also consult us for a free consultation. Or simply ask your mechanic for assistance. 

What is the viscosity or grades of a lubricant?

Viscosity is the resistance of a liquid to flow. Different vehicles and engine types require different types of lubrication or engine oils with different and specific viscosity or grades specified by the engine manufacturer. It is not advisable to use different lubricants with different viscosity or grades that are not specified by your engine manufacturer. 

Why choosing the right grade or viscosity of lubricants is important? 

It is critical to choose the correct viscosity or grade of lubricants because using the wrong one can damage the engine components and can result in engine failure or performance loss. Selecting the correct lubricant can offer a higher level of performance and protection in extreme climate and riding conditions. 

Do I need to change my oil filter while changing my engine oil? 

Air filters prevent dust debris to get into the internal components of the engine. If you want maximum performance and protection for your vehicle’s engine then it is a good practice to also get your air filter changed.  


How to check if my engine oils need to be changed? 

There can be many indications for an oil change. If you have traveled more than 5000-7000 miles in your car, then it is a clear indication that your engine oil needs to be changed. You can also observe your car’s engine oil. If the color of the oil is black, then you should change it as soon as it is feasible for you. Your vehicle’s oil warning light might also turn on indicating engine stress that usually means it’s time for engine oil replacement.  


Can a lubricant reduce fuel consumption?

Proper engine lubrication via quality modern engine lubricants facilitates engine functioning, as a result, engines do not have to exert more power to function at desired speeds. This ultimately means lower fuel consumption. But to observe significant fuel cost savings, it is important to choose high-quality lubricants that are formulated to offer fuel-saving properties. Choose from the full range of Rapide synthetic lubricants for superior performance and fuel-saving.

Do lubricants include only engine oils?

No. Additives or lubricants also include brake fluids, hydraulic oils, gear oils, transmission fluids, radiator, and engine coolants and the list goes on. Different lubricants are available to meet the lubrication needs and requirements of different vehicle parts. 

What types of lubricants does Rapide offer? 

Rapide is one of the world’s finest engine oils, motor oils, automotive oils, and lubricants manufacturer and supplier in UAE and across the globe. Our range of synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral oil-based motor oils, gearbox oils, and transmission fluids are used from lightweight vehicles like motorcycles, scooters, cars to heavy-duty vehicles and trucks. Furthermore, we also offer industrial lubricants and additives for every industrial application including marine, construction, automotive, aviation, and so on.

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