Our Story

RAPIDE: The Origin 

Rapide is a french word that translates to Rapid. Cambridge dictionary defines the word Rapide as fast, rapid, quick, express. We named our automotive oils and industrial lubricants brand Rapide on the grounds of the level of performance, protection, and innovation our products deliver to every industrial application and sector worldwide. Our brand name Rapide also portrays the sense of urgency we put into our operations and efforts in regards to innovate our products, as the world continues to evolve and demand more sustainable industrial solutions. We leverage the latest technological advancements and research to make our products efficient, sustainable, and revolutionary. With a sound sense of purpose and commitment towards improving the world with our expertise and products, we strive for improvement and innovation every single day.   

There is more to than engines!

At Rapide, we firmly stand by our values to help the peoples and families riding their vehicles. Our cares and worries extend more than ensuring the high performance and durability of engines. We strive to formulate best-in-class engine oil lubricants that are both sustainable and innovative. With the goal of facilitating the comfort of your journeys and preventing any mechanical malfunctions, we strive to manufacture and distribute fully synthetic engine oils and automotive lubricants that facilitate a safer, smoother, and better journey. 

Our humble beginnings 

Sure, Rapide is one of the leading engine oils and lubricant solutions suppliers in the world today. However, this wasn’t always the case. We started with just a burning desire to aid humanity throughout the world by leveraging our expertise and interests. We understood the fact that a healthier and well-maintained engine can heavily contribute to a vehicle’s health and performance that ultimately will allow their riders to travel safely, hassle-free, and in comfort. 

With this objective in mind, we spent years gathering the required resources and highly knowledgeable, skilled, and talented researchers, and industry expertise to uniquely develop and perfect the formulas of our synthetic engine oil lubricants. We achieved perfection and huge success after failing countless times and finally developed and perfected the best synthetic engine oils and lubricants that have the capabilities to meet the top-tier standards of the global industry. Now Rapide is featured as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the best automotive lubricants and engine oils.

Partners in over 50 Countries across the globe