Truck & Heavy-Duty Vehicle Engine Oils Rapide engine oils for trucks and heavy-duty vehicles

Truck & Heavy-Duty Vehicle Engine Oils

Rapide takes pride in providing the best heavy-duty oils and lubricants that are built to perform in the performance demanding situations and vehicles like heavy-duty vehicles and trucks with gasoline, diesel, and petrol engines. 

Protection against Acid 

Many heavy-duty vehicles and trucks have large-sized batteries that can leak acid into the crankcase due to the combustion of acids. The leaked battery acid can critically damage the internal components of the engine that can lead to component damage or total engine failures.        Products like Rapide Turbo Diesel Engine oil SAE 20W-50 API CH-4 are of premium quality multi-grade and are specifically formulated to provide excellent performance in heavy-duty fleets, marine, and industrial applications.

Deposit formation prevention

Things like sludge, metal particles, dirt, rust, and deposit formations can reduce the health and efficiency of the engine that can add to your fuel and maintenance costs. With the use of advanced additive technologies, Rapide has successfully integrated anti-deposit formation properties into its lubrication products. Our anti-deposit formation technologies prevent the formation of sludge and dust debris that helps to keep engines clean and protected.

Advanced Anti-wear protection

Heavy-duty vehicles, equipment, and machinery that are subjected to high load and pressure situations and activities require the use of industrial oils and lubricants that offer a higher level of protection against wear and tear so that smooth working is ensured in high performance requiring machinery and vehicles. At Rapide, our talented scientists have developed advanced adoptive molecular technology that ensures performance and protection under heat and pressure environments.

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