Radiator Coolant Rapide synthetic radiator coolant for cars

Radiator Coolant

Rapide offers the best antifreeze or coolant for cars in UAE and across the globe that are precisely manufactured with ethylene glycol and next-generation lubrication coolant technologies that deliver intelligent cooling and anti-freezing properties in changing climate conditions. Explore from our anti-freezing or car radiator coolant products to choose the right coolant according to your needs.

Radiator & Engine Cooling

As you continue to go on a daily basis of computing routines the most common problem with your car can stem from your car radiators. A running engine starts to heat up due to the working of the internal engine parts such as pistons and cylinders. The combustion process or the constant movement of the engine parts causes friction and heat. A car cooling system is required to reduce the heat produced by the engine. Mechanical problems related to radiator and engine can stem from the excessive heat due to the combustion process. Car engine coolants play a critical role in maintaining the optimal temperature of your vehicle engine and prevent it from overheating.


Rapide premix Radiator Coolants are uniquely formulated with a chemically perfected mixture of mono-ethylene glycol and selected chemical agents that enable the radiator to efficiently transfer the engine’s heat to maintain optimal temperatures during a range of climate and driving conditions. Rapide car coolants are engineered to be compatible with a diverse set of automotive vehicles such as passenger cars, lightweight trucks, and commercial vehicles, etc. to provide beneficial properties like: 

  • Anti-freezing
  • Anti-boiling
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Entended life
  • Protection against frost, sludge formation, and soots deposits


Premium Anti-freeze Concentrate

Anti-freeze car coolants are purposely engineered to meet the needs of vehicles with open or closed cooling circuits that are exposed to changing climatic and driving conditions. Rapide does not use plain water in the production of its premium car anti-freeze coolant product range. Rather, we use an unconventional combination of dilution and demineralized water is leveraged to develop more efficient and long-lasting anti-freeze coolants.


We offer a range of anti-freeze automotive coolants that have different concentrations levels such as 40%, 50%, 60%, and 100%. Various concentrations of coolants offer different levels of freeze and boiling protection and are suitable for different vehicle types with diesel, petrol, or gas engines. Our products like Rapide Anti-freeze ECL are readily available to use and offer a higher level of performance and protection against even the harshest of climate and driving conditions.

Why choose Rapide radiator and anti-freeze coolants?

Rapide is one of the top-tier automotive coolants manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in UAE and across the globe. Our auto coolants are expertly engineered from a concentrate that not only prevents the water in your vehicle’s radiator from freezing, boiling, or evaporating but also provides multiple years of protection to ensure the aspects of cost-saving and performance.  


Our car cooling systems are specifically enhanced to prevent “cavitation corrosion” which is a process of coolant air bubbles accumulation on the surface of the vehicle liners. Due to changing temperatures such as in case of extreme heat, a lower quality coolant starts to boil and small bubbles start to erupt, which damages the liner material and engine. When you choose Rapide automotive products, you don’t have to worry about these aspects, you save money on costly repairs, you also get ultra-modern high-quality products, and most importantly you get to go on adventurous journeys, resting assured that your vehicle’s engine is protected and well maintained.

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