Because we care 

At Rapide, we strive more than to develop the best engine oils and lubricant solutions. We ‘actually’ put relentless efforts into building and improving our automotive lubricants that ensure the cleanliness, performance, lubrication, and rust protection of the engines that ultimately allow you to enjoy a safer and smoother journey with total peace of mind. 

Trust our expertise 

We stay in the loop with the latest technological advancements and lubricant technologies. We infuse the latest technologies in the build-up of our premium synthetic engine oils and ensure maximum durability, performance, and protection of engines.


What makes us stand out from the crowd is our unmatched expertise and cutting-edge production environments. We develop fully synthetic gear oils and other automotive lubricants in high-tech laboratories and production facilities under the supervision of our talented engineers who are equipped with decades of industry experience. Our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 17025 certified and compliant facilities enable us to manufacture the best engine oils that do more than improve an engine’s health. Our uniquely formulated motor oils help to maintain the optimal level of temperature of the engine to avoid any stalls or overheating. 

We have got you covered

As a leading supplier of the best motor oils and lubricants, we weigh on the concept of diversification. To diversify our lubricant products so they can be used in various industrial sectors and vehicles we offer a range of expertly manufactured synthetic oils. Our range of products includes Industrial hydraulic oils, motorbike oils, gear oils, and other lubricants. Whether you need motor oil for a 4-stroke cycle vehicle like cars, motorbikes, and scooters or you need a quality hydraulic fluid to be used in heavy-duty hydraulic vehicles, we have a range of diverse lubricant products that will satisfy your need in even the harshest of conditions.   


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