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Rapide Industrial Lubricants

Rapide is one of the most trusted and reputed industrial oils and lubricants manufacturers and suppliers in UAE and across the globe. Our expertly engineered and uniquely formulated industrial hydraulic fluids, greases, and oils are used in a variety of industrial sectors and equipment. What makes us stand up from the rest of the hydraulic fluids suppliers is that we have integrated resiliency into our industrial products at a molecular level that enables our products to deliver substantial long-lasting protection, lubrication, and performance in a host of environments and different types of applications. 

Supported Industrial sectors 

Our wide range of industrial fluids and lubricants have different viscosity levels and manufacturing grades that are purposely built to be used in different commercial areas and environments. Rapide excels in offering the best industrial oils and lubricants that do not lose their desired properties in changing temperatures and high-pressure situations. Our industrial oils products range support below industrial sectors. 


  • Automotive 
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing plants 
  • Construction & Mining 
  • Textile plants
  • Food processing industry 
  • Cement & building material manufacturing facilities 
  • Hydraulic machinery  
  • Aviation systems and aircrafts 
  • Hydraulic pumps 
  • Marine and so on. 

Why Rapide industrial hydraulic oils is the right choice for your industry?  

We are firmly committed to manufacturing the best hydraulic fluids and industrial lubricants by leveraging state of the art additive technologies that infuses the elements of reliability, performance, and protection in every drop of our products. Here are more reasons to choose our superior industrial hydraulic oils

Anti-wear protection 

Components fatigue, rust, wear, and tear can result in damage and reduced performance in all types of machinery and equipment. Our synthetic industrial oils contain purposely chosen base oils that facilitate oxidation resistance and offer thermal stability, protection against wear, rust, component damage, and fatigue.  

Minimal oil-aging 

We have perfected the science of oil-aging and have uniquely formulated our hydraulic products such as Rapide hydraulic oil AW 68 that delivers long-lasting power, performance, protection, and lubrication to a variety of hydraulic machinery and equipment. The blend of additive technologies and intelligently formulated chemical formulas prevent our hydraulic oils from foaming, oil thickening, contamination, and oxidation. Thus extending the oil life span significantly. 

High-pressure stability 

When it comes to sensitive and high-pressure environments that require shear stability, performance, and endurance, Rapid fully synthetic hydraulic fluids offer unmatched endurance in extreme-pressure and temperature environments and machinery requirements. We outpace other commercial hydraulic oils suppliers in the industry by offering consciously engineered commercial lubrication products that offer entered life, performance, and protection without losing their desired properties in continuously changing and demanding environments.  

Explore from our full range of industrial oils and lubricants

Compressor Oil  

Designed primarily for rotary screw and vane air compressor, particularly effective for continuous high-temperature operation with discharge temperatures.

Chain Oil 

Specifically for lubrication of hot conveyor chains in drying ovens, roller chains, chains, or clips.

Circulating Oil

Commonly used for heavily loaded bearings operating at high speeds and temperatures. 

Extreme Pressure Oil

Especially for the lubrication of axles with a limited-slip differential. Best suited for Industrial gearing for conveyers, agitators, dryers, extruders, fans, mixers, presses, pulpers, pumps, and marine gearbox systems. 

Heat transfer fluid (HTF)

Purposely used for obtaining optimal or specific levels of cooling and heating temperatures. 

Hydraulic Oils 

Designed to give excellent protection in mobile and stationary hydraulic vanes, pistons, hydraulic machines, heavy vehicles, industrial equipment, and gear-type pumps.

Cutting Oils

Primarily for high-speed, deep-hole drilling and boring of all nonferrous metals.

Refrigeration compressor oil

Designed specifically for cylinder and bearing lubrication in most conventional refrigeration compressors and for other machinery operating at sub-zero or freezing temperatures.

Steam Cylinder Oil 

Suited for couplings, bearings, and break-in of compressor cylinders. Splash lubrication of enclosed worm gears operating at moderate to high speeds and temperatures.

Transformer Electrical insulating oil 

Recommended for use in oil-filled transformers and switch gears in which the oil is required as an insulation medium or as a heat transfer medium.

Turbine Oil

Primarily for turbomachine gears regulation systems for the lubrication of gas turbines, steam turbines, combined cycle turbines, gearboxes, and relevant areas.

agricultural vehicles oils


Rapide agricultural industrial oils and hydraulic fluids are designed to meet the environment-sensitive and rough conditions. Explore our full range of hydraulic tractor fluids, gear oils, and greases.


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