Rapide Neat Cutting Oil 5

Product description

Rapide neat cutting oil 5 is specially designed to offer enhanced lubricity and cooling properties and is one of the best neat cutting machine oils for automatic screw machine shops. Enhanced lubricity increases performance, precision and productivity in a wide range of industrial applications. Superior cooling capability of the industrial neat cutting machine fluid makes it the best choice for the lubrication of high surface speed machining of screw stocks, aluminum, and brass.


This neat cutting lubricant can be used as both cutting oil and machine lubricating oil. Recommended for the lubrication of general machining of nickel-tin-bronze alloys and the free-machining of steels, as well as for severe cutting operations of difficult-to-machine non-ferrous alloys, including silicon-copper, silicon-bronze, and copper-nickel.

 Beneficial Properties

  • Excellent machining capability
  • Enhanced lubricity
  • Excellent cooling capability
  • Multipurpose applications
  • Less misting tendency
  • Mineral oil formula minimizes sludge formation, rust, wear, and friction
  • Enhances precision
  • Extended oil life service life

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