Our Values

At Rapide, we function and operate on a set of values that have been our guiding principle since our start as a lubricant company. We encourage diversity, cultural differences and treat our customers, partners, and employees like family. Our friendly and supportive business and workplace policies are designed to maximize customer and employee satisfaction. We believe success and productivity can be achieved by facilitating a learning, cultural-oriented, and purpose-driven workplace environment that functions on the foundations of respect and trust. We value the needs and requirements of our customers and business partners and that is what motivates and fuels us to do more, every single day. 

Our mission 

We are determined to produce the highest performing and long-lasting automotive oils and industrial lubricants by leveraging state-of-the-art technological advancements. Our mission is to innovate our lubrication products to make them more sustainable and innovative for current and future generation industrial and automotive applications. 

Our Vision

We intend to evolve with time as the world around us evolves for the better. Our motives are to go beyond providing sustainable lubrication products for every industry and to extend our efforts and operations in bridging the critical industrial gaps with our resources and expertise. For us, playing a key role in making the world a better place is more important than being just a lubricant expert.  

Partners in over 50 Countries across the globe