Steering wheel fluids

Rapide places itself as one of the best fully synthetic steering wheel fluids producer, supplier and exporter in UAE and across more than 50 continents all over the world. Our steering wheel oils are engineered to perfection with the infusion of special base oils and latest additive technologies that provide long-lasting lubrication and protection suitable for a wide range of conventional and modern power steering applications. 

Oil leak prevention 


Our products like Rapide ATF Dexron III are developed specifically to thoroughly lubricate the critical components of steering wheels such as power steering pump, steering yoke, coupler, tie rod ends, power steering hoses, rack and pinions. The advanced and unique additive formula used in our steering wheel liquids minimizes the risks of oil leaks due to wear and tear of steering wheel components such as rings and seals. Prevention from oil leaks ensures longer oil change intervals and maximizes lubrication and protection of critical components. 

Smoother steering operation

Inadequate lubrication and oil changing habits can lead to steering problems like difficulty in turning the wheel, steering wheel vibration, wheel slips, looseness in the steering wheel and so on. Our car steering wheel oils are formulated with rich oxidation inhibitors and foam inhibitors that thoroughly lubricate the components of the steering wheel and provide protection against steering malfunctions, steering squeal, rust, slips, wear and tear. 

Year-round protection 

Rapide uses an advanced additive formula that is formulated to be suitable for both low and high mileage vehicles including passenger cars, trucks, lightweight and commercial vehicles with conventional and power steering mechanisms. Our steering wheel fluids enhanced with thermal and oxidation stability provides year-round lubrication and protects against components corrosion, rust, and steering wheel malfunctions under severe temperatures and driving conditions. Steering wheel fluid change cost can significantly impact your overall vehicle maintenance expenses. Therefore, to ensure cost-saving on vehicle maintenance, Rapide power steering lubrication fluids are equipped with advanced additive technologies and selected premium base oils that efficiently control and prevent oil leakage to ensure maximum oil life span.

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