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We welcome entrepreneurs and forward-thinking organizations to conduct business with us and distribute our products under their unique brand name and product packaging to step into the lucrative market of automotive and industrial lubricants. Our exporting capabilities extend to over 50+ countries worldwide, while our unmatched competitive rates, high-quality products, and uncomplicated onboarding procedures make us the finest choice of lubricant suppliers.

Relations built on trust 

At Rapide, we believe that success is a two-way street. That is why we devise win-win situations that benefit our customers, distributors, and us. We take out all the complications and formalities when it comes to business deals and partnerships. Our motive is to build relationships that are strengthened and founded on the basis of trust and respect. Apart from our business ethics, our supreme quality automotive oils and industrial lubricants, backed by the proven expertise of our industry engineers speak more volumes than our words. When you choose us as your lubricant supplier, you become a part of our family, and at Rapide, we look after our own. But don’t take our word for it, just give us a call and find out for yourself. 


A range you can choose from 

Whether you are already working in the sector of automotive and industrial lubricants, or are interested in stepping into it. We have an extensive range of lubricants that you can choose from to get started. Our full range of lubricant specialties includes transmission fluids, gear oils, greases, hydraulic oils, brake fluids, marine engine oils, radiator coolants, antifreeze fluids, and the list goes on. Have questions? Let’s get to know each other.

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