Automatic Transmission Fluids

The rapid developments in the automotive industry are continuously shifting the dynamic regarding what is required and expected from current and future vehicles in terms of better performance, more reliability, higher fuel economy,  cost savings and so on. When it comes to transmission fluids for cars the demand for more comfort, smoother operation and reduced carbon emissions are increasing and desired. And this is exactly what our automatic transmission products like Rapide ATF Dexron III offers. It is suitable for modern lightweight and commercial vehicles with automatic transmission mechanisms and offers a higher rate of performance, protection and lubrication to prevent start-up wear, long service life and smooth transmissions. 

Advanced semi-synthetic formula 

Our products like Rapide ATF Dexron III are developed especially for vehicles with automatic transmission systems with a highly-perfected blend of semi-synthetic oils and latest automotive lubricants technologies. The advanced formula used in our products offers the element of multi-function and is compatible with a diverse set of the transmission mechanisms, power steering applications and torque converters. The semi-synthetic blend ensures maximum durability, smooth gear shifting and excellent temperature fluidity.   

Excellent resistance to oil breakdown

What makes our products outrival the traditional or conventional ATFs is that we infuse our products with a complex synthesis technology formula that makes our transmission oil and fluids resistant to oil breakdown, sludge and deposit formation. Conventional ATFs are prone to oil breakdown under severe thermal and heat conditions resulting in losing the desired lubrication properties. Our products are purposely built to maintain their required consistency and texture in extreme thermal and temperature situations to ensure smooth transmissions even in the most challenging climates and driving situations.

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