Rapide Dexron II

Product description

Developed with an expert blend of carefully formulated balanced infusion of high-quality mineral oils and the latest generation additive technologies, Rapide Dexron II is a high-performance mineral-based automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and power steering fluid. Recommended to be used in automatic transmission and torque converter transmission and power shift transmission with required specification.


Rapide Dexron II ATF is suitable to be used in automatic gearboxes, hydraulic power steering systems, cab tilt mechanisms, car hydraulic clutches, and other hydraulic applications. This gear lubrication fluid is enhanced with friction modifiers and anti-wear agents that offer a dependable level of performance, and protection against gearbox implications germinated due to operational and temperature conditions. Also suitable to be used in gear systems of heavy-duty and off-road vehicles subjected to extreme riding conditions.

Beneficial Properties

  • Rust, wear, and gear components damage protection
  • High thermal and oxidative stability
  • Improved friction
  • Gearbox noise prevention
  • Prevents gear shift rigorousness
  • Facilitates smoother transmissions

Recommendations / Specifications



FORD           MERCON

GM               6417-M DEXRON III–G

MAN             339 V1/Z1

MB                236.5, 236.9

VOITH          H55.6335xx

ZF                TE-ML 03D,04D,09,11B,14A,17C

VOLVO         ST D 1273,40 (97340),41 (97341)

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