Rapide Refrigeration Compressor Oils


Rapide Refrigeration Compressor Oils are superior quality multipurpose refrigeration compressor lubricant that contains a complex blend of highest quality additive packages and additive technologies that offer an unmatched level of performance and protection even in the extreme temperature environments and operating conditions. This compressor oil is specifically formulated to offer a longer service life and provide protection against rust, corrosion, wear and tear


This highly-refined industrial refrigeration compressor oil is suitable for a wide range of industrial cooling applications such as food freezing, cold storage plants, marine refrigeration applications, large industrial reciprocating and rotary refrigeration compressors. This refrigeration compressor system is also suitable for ammonia refrigerant compressors.


Note: This refrigeration lubrication additive is recommended for CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) and HCFC (hydrochloro-fluorocarbon) refrigerants operating at not below than -37°C. This product is not recommended for sulphur dioxide and HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) refrigerants. 

Beneficial Properties

  • Low Floc point - maintains oil texture at freezing temperatures
  • Low wax properties
  • Minimizes sludge formation, rust, wear, oil foaming, and friction
  • Extreme thermal, oxidation and chemical stability
  • Minimizes mechanical malfunctions arising due to poor lubrication
  • Maintains excellent fluidity in low temperatures
  • Offers a superior level of components protection in freezing temperatures
  • Highly versatile - multipurpose uses
  • Minimizes maintenance expenses and equipment downtimes
  • Extended oil service life

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