Rapide High Temperature Chain Lubricant

Product description

Rapide high-temperature chain lubricant is a heavy-duty chain lubricant formulated with a perfected and tested infusion of high-molecular-weight synthetic hydrocarbons and a synthetic ester base fluid that is further enhanced with the latest additive technologies to offer an unmatched level of lubrication and protection in a range of chain mechanics. This industrial chain lubricant is extremely pressure tolerant and offers protection characteristics such as anti-corrosion, carbon build-up reduction, components cleaning, and more oil service life as compared to other mineral oil and conventional chain lubricants.


This synthetic chain oil is formulated to be used in a range of chain mechanics applications such as hot conveyor chains for conveyor systems, food processing, plastic film stretching, fibreboard manufacturing and ceramics. This chain lubrication system is also recommended to be used in industrial applications where mechanical chain and bearings are subjected to heavy work pressure and temperature conditions.


 Beneficial Properties

  • High pressure and temperature tolerance
  • Low volatility below 250°C
  • Minimizes sludge formation
  • Reduces carbon build-up
  • Extends bearing, chain and conveyor life.
  • Outstanding penetration properties for the rapid formation of the lubricant film
  • Reduces wear due to advanced base oils
  • Good adhesion, no throwing off
  • Extended oil service life

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