Rapide Synthetic Gas Compressor Oils

Product description

Rapide Synthetic Gas Compressor Oils are one of the best Gas Compressor Lubricants containing polyethylene glycol (PAG) in the global industry today. Suitable for increasing pressure of air, refrigerant gases, and other gases, through mechanical energy. This synthetically blended Gas Compressor lubricant is designed for enclosed pattern gas compressors for hydrocarbon and chemical gases where the crankcase and bearings operate in a gas-filled atmosphere. It is particularly suitable for marine service on vessels carrying liquefied gas cargoes.



These high-performance synthetic gas compressor lubricants are excellent for the lubrication of cylinders in reciprocating compressors handling a range of hydrocarbons & other gases. These high-quality Gas Compressor Oils are excellent to be used in industrial and marine applications subjected to natural gasses such as liquefied petroleum gases such as propane and butane, liquefied natural gases such as methane, and ethane, hydrocarbon chemical gases such as ethylene, propylene, and butylene. Chemical gases such as ammonia, vinyl chloride monomer, and butadiene.

Beneficial Properties

  • Multi-gas service for a wide range of gases including vinyl chloride and butadiene
  • Reduced Hydrocarbon and Chemical Gas Solubility
  • Minimizes sludge formation, rust, wear, oil foaming, and friction
  • Excellent Water Resistance- Resists wash off by wet gases
  • Minimizes mechanical malfunctions arising due to poor lubrication
  • Maintains excellent fluidity in low temperatures
  • Minimizes maintenance expenses and equipment downtimes
  • Extended oil service life

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