Rapide industrial flushing oil

Product description

Rapide industrial flushing oil is excellent for cleaning and flushing out the oil circuits of gasoline and diesel engines. The fast-acting cleaning formula works within 10-minutes and cleans out accumulated engine deposits, sludge, and unwanted contaminants during an oil change service. The added zinc and solvent-free formulation offer compact engine wear protection and also cleans and protects the gaskets and seals. This motor flushing lubrication system is not a substitute for engine oils.


This flushing lubricant is suitable to be used in all engine types including passenger cars, 4WD's, light & heavy-duty commercial vehicles, motorcycles, farming, mining, agricultural, industrial equipment, marine, and stationary engines. It is a non-detergent fluid and therefore can be used with full confidence in calcium-sensitive environments. This engine flushing oil is compatible with all commercially available engine and motor oils. This engine flush motor oil is also safe to use in all petrol, LPG & diesel engines and is safe for catalytic converters, DPF's

(Diesel Particulate Filters) and engine sensors.

Beneficial Properties

  • Ensures optimum oil circulation in the engine
  • Safe with DPF's and catalytic converters
  • Helps condition seals
  • Fast acting, cleans in 10 minutes
  • Solvent-free to prevent engine seal damage
  • Minimizes compression loss
  • Contains Zinc for added wear protection
  • Removes engine deposits with oil drain
  • Suitable for all Petrol, Diesel & LPG engines
  • Can be used with Mineral or Synthetic Oils
  • Removes contaminants that would affect new oil

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