Rapide Neat Cutting Oil 3

Product description

Rapide neat cutting oil 3 is a multi-purpose industrial cutting fluid that is purposely formulated to enhance the productivity, accuracy and performance of a wide range of industrial machines. A unique and balanced formula used in the engineering of this neat cutting lubricant offers excellent protection against rust, corrosion, and mechanical malfunctions arising due to poor lubrication. 


This cutting fluid version exhibits low-order and light color properties. Recommended for a range of industrial applications including high-speed, deep-hole drilling and boring of all nonferrous metals, also suitable for the lubrication of general machining of free-machining alloys, magnesium and free-machining brass, bronze, and phosphor bronze as well as high-speed, light-feed machining of screw stock steels.This industrial cutting oil is also fit to be used as a lubricating oil for certain high-speed spindles.

 Beneficial Properties

  • Excellent machining capability
  • Multipurpose applications
  • Less misting tendency
  • Mineral oil formula minimizes sludge formation, rust, wear, and friction
  • Enhances precision
  • Extended oil life service life

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