Rapide Heat Transfer Fluids product

Product description

Rapide heat transfer oils or heat transfer fluids are heavy-duty continuous lubricating oils fit for lubrication and protection of the industrial mechanisms subject to extreme operational and heat conditions for prolonged periods of time. These high-performance HTOs are formulated with a unique mesh of heavily-refined selected premium quality base stocks that offer required resistance properties such as thermal cracking and oxidation resistance. These high-temperature oils maintain their required stature, flash point, and properties even in severe heating and operating conditions. These are the best high-temperature industrial oils that offer rapid heat dissipation, efficient heat transfer, and good pumpability at both start-up and operating temperatures.


Rapide industrial heat transfer fluids are recommended to be used in a range of open and closed installations not subjected to operating temperatures dropping below -7ᵒC. These fluids for industrial heat transferring satisfy the bulk oil temperature, closed, cold-oil sealed, indirect heating and cooling systems requirements for both HTO 22 and HTO 32 temperature specifications as listed below.


HTO 22: Closed Systems (-7 ᵒ C to 285 ᵒ C), Open Systems (-7 ᵒ C to 150 ᵒ C)

HTO 32: Closed Systems (-7 ᵒ C to 315 ᵒ C), Open Systems (-7 ᵒ C to 180 ᵒ C)



 Beneficial Properties

  • Advanced thermal properties
  • Delivers high performance and protection in extreme heat conditions
  • Minimizes sludge formation, rust, wear, and friction
  • Maintains excellent fluidity in low temperatures
  • Offers a superior level of components protection in changing temperatures
  • Offers thermal cracking and decomposition resistance properties
  • Extended oil service life

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